About Mike - Mike Gembarski Photography

Hailing from the East Coast (New Jersey) Mike Gembarski has always been finding ways to be creative in everything that he does. His addiction to design and photography is one that comes hand in hand with his love for the ocean. From a very young age, art, surfing, and the ocean has shaped the way he creates, as well as the way he lives his life.

Mike shoots photography to help capture the raw and natural beauty that is surrounding everyone, everyday. Many people don't stop and take the time to soak in their surroundings and the richness that it holds. Photography is a way to hold onto great feelings and memories. I shoot a lot of ocean waves and sunsets. Every day, every wave, and every sunset is completely different from the next. Change is constant and inevitable, and photography helps me keep track of all the beautiful changes.

When Mike isn't shooting waves and other parts of nature, he is usually riding those waves, free diving, hiking, designing, brewing a new beer or just simply hanging with good people. Mike's first profession is being a graphic designer and spending lots of his time behind the screen creating new brands and pushing his design abilities. The ocean and the rest of nature is Mike's daily escape from the tech world we all have adapted to living in.

Mike is currently living in Laguna Beach, CA and working on his next creative endeavor.

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